Our history

It was 1898 when Ignacy Jakub Miller set up the Funeral home in Turek to manufacture coffins

Initially Ignacy Jakub Miller produced coffins as an apprentice, and then as the Carpentry Master since 1918, when he passed the exam before the Senior Board of the Guild.

He continued business activity during I and II world war also.

After father?s death, Zbigniew Miller took over the Company in 1956, and from this time dynamic growth followed.

On 21 May 1960  Zbigniew Miller passed the exam before the Examining Board of Chamber of Crafts in Poznań and was granted the title of Carpentry Master. From this time, he employed joiners and provided training for apprentices.

Zbigniew Miller was also engaged in activity of the Sundry Crafts Guild in Turek, where he held the position of Junior Guild Master for many years.

In spite of struggle with an uneasy reality in communistic Poland, he always demonstrated a positive approach and self-confidence.

The turning point was the beginning of eighties, when the next generation, namely John and Marian took over the Company.

From this time dynamic growth of business activity followed.

Initially the Company operated under the civil partnership, but on 1 April 2001 the general partnership was established.

In 1994 the first modern production line was installed in the new plant in Turek at Obwodnica Północna 6 Street.

As early as in 2000 the decision was taken to increase production capacity by plant extension and machinery modernisation in response to growing market demand.

This project completed in 2002 increased capacity up to 4 thousand of coffin a month.

After a few years, namely in 2010 other extension followed that related to total modification of production process.

At present production capacity in three shifts system is 10.000 coffins a month.

Stoltur branded coffins relate to processed products that are highly recognized on European markets.

Production process is carried out with use of environment friendly paints, varnishes and adhesives.

John?s son, Jędrzej Miller being the fourth generation is at present engaged in operation of sales department.

Thanks to modern machinery and many years? experience, our Company supply the products to the most demanding markets worldwide.

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